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Wordy Hiatus And Techie Stuff Update Post

Now that Blogger finally decided to upgrade to https, I thought it was time to come back for a visit. So much has happened since I last posted. Job changes, family changes, ups and downs, the usual. I pulled all my old posts, since they had no real focus - other than perhaps showcasing daily life via images with occasional descriptions. Most of them were automatic reposts of stuff from Instagram via IFTTT. If you really wanna see that stuff, it's still there. I was contemplating posting more often here. My wife has done #The100DayProject before. However, I soon discovered that there is no longer a functioning Blogger app on iOS. After all these years in the Googleverse, I'm not sure why I am surprised. So I need to figure out where to post stuff. I dislike Facebook, and have all but deactivated my account there. Still on Instagram , though. Google+ was fun from the start, but hasn't held my attention for some time. I love Twitter , so much of what I want to say online

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