The Author, circa '79
Joshua was born in Topeka, Kansas to Mike and Colleen on the "coldest day of the century" for the city, a chilling -23 degrees F. He has a younger sister, Cara, and has always had a dog around for a four-legged companion.

Personal Life

Active as a boy, he could often be seen riding his bike with friends, playing around at the pool, or hosting living room wrestling tournaments and boxing matches. Weather not permitting, the latest installment of a Final Fantasy game could always keep him entertained.

When it came time for school, he excelled in technical subjects throughout primary and secondary, and always balanced these well with art and music, learning to play various saxophones and brass instruments. Soccer and football took up extra time until marching band came along in high school, so he found his physical outlet running sprints, even going to state his senior year as the starting runner in the 4x100 relay.

During college he was active in a campus ministry, interning for a summer and leading a number of small groups. He was a founding member of the church's board of directors, serving as secretary for eight years. Today, he continues in a role of coordinating and leading worship and overseeing the web and social media activity for the church of 100 members.

In 2003, he met Shana, who moved from the East coast to pursue her MFA at KU, and they began dating in early 2004 - and were married by the end of the year! They enjoy traveling the world and relaxing on beaches with their friends as often as possible.

Our yearly destination in North Carolina

In 2014, they welcomed their son Sabin into the world and are tremendously excited to see things in new ways with him. He's the first grand baby on both sides, so he is in for an exceptional amount of attention.

Miracle Baby, Wild Boy
In 2016, Marina joined the family and has turned out to be a beautiful, happy, and wonderful addition.

Smiles and wonder

They are all living in Lawrence, Kansas with their dog, Zoe.

The old girl

Education and Career

Off to an early start, he began taking college courses at Washburn University while still at Topeka West High School, where he graduated in 1997. He continued at Washburn for three years, studying Physics and Mathematics. After participating in an internship at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory during the summer of 1999, he decided to transfer the following year to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kansas. Coursework concluded in the Fall of 2002 and he graduated with the class of 2003 from both schools with two Bachelor of Science degrees. He just wrapped up his MBA at Baker University in May 2015 (with a 3.91 GPA) and is eager to put his education to work.

Hired in June of 2002 as an Applications Engineer at Grundfos Pumps Corporation in Olathe, he caught on fast and helped the group serve customers around the USA. Three years later, the company opened a local division for R&D and he joined two others to help build a regional headquarters for product development. After five years, he shifted gears to focus on customer insights, product usability, and design, where he helped bring better usability and experiences into existing and future products. The company decided in late 2014 to close the division to focus on other strategies, allowing him to have extra time at home taking care of his son until the next opportunity.

That opportunity came along in May of 2015 with a company close to home, Good Energy Solutions. Josh was focused on commercial sales of solar PV, LED lighting, and more. He now has a habit of looking up at the lighting in every building he enters and has a new appreciation for large, steeply sloped rooftops. If you know anyone who wants to talk about solar or energy saving opportunities, you now know someone you can call.

It proved to be a short stint, as Grundfos came calling with a great offer and opportunity three months later. He came back to lead a team of engineers doing technical support while they made a transition into the use of a CRM system on the SAP platform. After two and a half years in that role, a new door opened into a role as a Sales Operations Manager for the USA & Canada in February of 2018, which is where this journey will continue from another time...

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